Consulting and training

Consulting and training

Patterns of Strategy can be applied to strategy development in private, public and not-for-profit sectors. It can be used for collaboration, competition or both at the same time, and also to form the strategy of part of an organisation within a wider one.

Fractal provides consultancy, to help you develop the strategy you want and need. We use a toolkit which enables you to explore multiple scenarios really quickly, and test the potential implications and consequences of each.  Working through options is a key way to develop aligned thinking amongst senior leaders and build commitment to the chosen strategy.

The Patterns of Strategy approach is part of an integrated set of consultancy services which span the major leadership activities of organisation, strategy and transformation.

There is a one day introductory training programme available, and an additional 2 days of training to reach practitioner level, and a further 2 days to reach advanced practitioner level. Or we can customise training for in-house delivery.

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